In July 2012 a group of GEES academics interested in education got together to discuss how we could support each other in our professional and career development and THE (Teaching-focused in Higher Education) GEES network was established.

Our aim is to connect people in order to discuss experiences, to share common challenges and strategies for professional development, and to host conversations about the development of education practice in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. We are supported by the Royal Geographical Society (with the IBG)’s Geography and Education Research Group (previously HERG).

We are a network which exists online (using LinkedIn and this webpage) and through meetings. We met in Manchester in 2014 where we had a writing retreat and a workshop that covered HEA accreditation, funding and publication of pedagogic research, mentoring, and career progression. We met in September 2015 before the RGS annual conference. If are interested in meeting in helping organise a future meeting we would love to hear from you.



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