Our blog: What works for learning and teaching in HE GEES?

Our aim is to provide a way for you to quickly share learning with colleagues.

We invite blog posts of between 500-1000 on ‘what works’ in learning and teaching in higher education Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

We are keen to publish reflections by educators about approaches and interventions they have tried with their students or rationales of possible interventions they plan. The latter could be by authors seeking collaborators for joint evaluations of interventions. Contributions can be initial impressions and reflections as well as evidence-based evaluation.

We would welcome blogs by educators working in schools or other settings proposing approaches which could be useful in HE.

We are keen to receive summaries or reflections from authors of pedagogic peer reviewed papers (in journals such as the Journal of Geography in Higher Education) and by those presenting pedagogic papers at conferences (such as the RGS IBG, The Geological Society, and AAG).

Blog posts are reviewed by the editors and are not peer reviewed. If you are able to include copyright free images then please do.

Please contact Sarah Dyer: s.dyer(at)Exeter . ac .uk) to discuss ideas or to submit a blog post.

LinkedIn: a closed groups for news and discussions

Are you interested in keeping in touch with what events are going on to support teaching and learning in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences? Discipline-based information can be accessed through THE GEES network LinkedIn page. The LinkedIn group has been set up and is managed by academics. It is a great way to receive information and to also take part in (or lurk on) teaching-focused discussions.

How to find us on LinkedIn: Type ‘THE GEES network’ into the search box on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com). LinkedIn is a professional networking site which it is free to join.


Teaching-focused is a term we take to mean people interested in teaching or/and pedagogic research, be they on permanent or temporary, teaching-dominant or more traditional academic contracts. Please do search us out on LinkedIn and join our discussions to share information about teaching relevant activities.


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